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Foals expected in 2017:
Asti's Nobless Zinedine - filly born 03.04.2018
St.Pr.St. Chaccofina Glasgow van't Merelsnest - filly born 14.05.2018
St.Pr.St. Carafina Plot Blue - colt born 12.06.2018
St.Pr.St. Viva Nobless Casall - colt born 02.06.2018
Lady Calmia Maloubet de Pleville - filly born 11.06.2018

Zora 03.04.2018
Riesenbeck International foal auction - sold to Baden-Württemberg
Zora Zinedine Guidam Quidam de Revel Jalisco B
Fougere Venutard
Unadonja Heartbreaker Nimmerdor
Prima Donja Burggraaf
St.Pr.Asti's Nobless Asti Spumante Argentinus Argentan
Edelbild Landfrieden
St.Pr. Viva Nobless Vulkano FRH Voltaire
B.P. Nobless IX Contender
Fantasie V

Today early in the morning nearly in time after 11 month and 5 days, this filly arrived in our stable, the first foal out of our premium mare Asti's Nobless !

Zinedine, who himself must retired from sport after injury, was very successful at the age of 8 and 9 years with Ludger Beerbaum in S***** competition. Also as sire he has really made a name for hisself, so he produced out of his first age group the winner of the licensing in Oldenburg in 2016.

Here are combined the genes of the stallions Quidam de Revel, Heartbreaker, Landgraf, Corde la Bryere, Argentinus, Voltaire,Contender and Ladykiller xx.

All great stallions known all over the world .


Georgina 14.05.2018
Sold to England
Georgina Glasgow van't
Nabab de Reve Quidam de Revel Jalisco B
Melodie En Fa Artichaut
Darco Lugano van la Roche
Idjaz-C Hedjaz
St.Pr.Chaccofina Chacco Blue Chambertin Cambridge
Desiree VII
Contara Contender
Godahra II
St.Pr.Grafina Graf Top Graf Grannus
St.Pr. Farina For Pleasure

Our state premium mare Chaccofina again gives birth to a great filly, who reminds in type and body of her grandmother Grafina.

The father Glasgow van't Merelsnest is with Jur Vrieling in international competitions very successful and winner of the Grand Prix in Rom, Falsterbo, Barcelona and Helsinki .

The Graf Top daughter Grafina, mother of Chaccofina, get a 9 for the manner and the 9,5 for the ability at her mare performance test and Chaccofina two times the 9,0 for manner and ability. Furthermore she was highly decorated wit the Ib prcie at the Herwart von der Decken show in Verden 2012 and placed herself in competition for young sporthorses class A and L , when she was one year not pregnant.

This filly has the great sires Nabab de Reve, Darco, Chambertin, Contender, Grannus, Gotthard, For Pleasure, Calypso II and Pilot directly in the first generations in her motherline


Caipirol 02.06.2018
Sold to Begium
Caipirol Casall Caretino Caletto II Corde la Bryere
Isidor Metellus
Kira XVII Lavall I Landgraf I
Maltia Raimond
St.Pr.Viva Nobless Vulkano FRH Voltaire Furioso II
Gogo Moeve
Pretoria Pit I
BP Nobless IX Contender Calypso II
Fantasie V Lancer II

Again a great pretty colt out of state permium mare Viva Nobless !

Casall is during his lifetime already a legend, as well as his sport career as the capacity ot his offspring, which make speeches of themselves in every international jumping competition.

Here are combined the genes of the great stallions Caretino, Landgraf I, Raimond, Voltaire,Contender and Ladykiller xx. All great stallions known all over the world.


Playboy Junioer 12.06.2018
Elite auction in Verden on 13 th of october 2018 - sold to Tschechien
Playboy Junior Plot Blue Mr. Blue Couperus Naturel
Acarla Oldenburg
Ilotte Pilot Pilatus
Santa Fee San Fernando
Wildbeere xx
St.Pr.Carafina Cardento Capitol Capitano
B-Estelle Lord
St.Pr.Grafina Graf Top Graf Grannus
St.Pr. Farina For Pleasure
Cleopatra v. Calypso II

State premium mare Carafina got the third colt out of her 4 offspring, this year from the winner of the world cup final Plot Blue/Markus Ehning, who has seen all tournament seats of the world.

The Graf Top daughter Grafina got at her mare test a 9 for style and a 9,5 for fortune and the mother Carafina two times the 9,5 .

Here are combined the genes of the great stallions Mr. Blue, PIlot and Cardento as well as the fatastic sires Capitol, Lord, Cantus, Gotthard, For Pleasure and Calypso II direct in the first generations.


von Maloubet de Pleville 11.06.2018
Mare was sold pregnant to Baden-Württemberg
von Maloubet de Pleville Maloubet de Pleville Baloubet du Rouet Galoubet A Alme
Mesange du Rouet Starter
Dayade II Rox de la Touche Lord Gordon
Praiceful Night and Day xx
Lady Calmia Landstreicher Landgraf Ladykiller xx
Alraune Capitol I
St.Pr.Calmia Calypso II Cor de la Bryere
Paloma Picard
St.Pr. Goldlady

The fourth filly in row out of our former broodmare Lady Calmia, who was sold pregnant to Baden-Württemberg.A bloody very long legged filly with much expression, this time from the international successful sire Maloubet de Pleville, who has great results with his offspring in 1,60 m jumping classes. The most famous one is Malou/Meridith Michaels Beerbaum.

This filly has the great sires Baloubet du Rouet, Landgraf, Capitol, Calypso II, Gotthard and Pik König directly in the first generations in her motherline.

Direct motherline of the stallion Cicero Z !