Active broodmares

St.Pr. Chaccofina 28.04.2009

By Chacco Blue-Graf Top-For Pleasure (out of state premium mare Grafina)

Hannoverian jumping programm

Cocofina from Carrico 2013
Lachacco from Copin van de Broy 2014
Not in foal for 2015 - sport
Cerafina from Calmando 2016
Chaccero from Cicero Z 2017

For 2018 in foal from Glasgow van't Merelsnest


St.Pr. Carafina 30.04.2010

By Cardento-For Pleasure-Calypso II (out of state premium mare Grafina)

Hannoverian jumping programm

Quantofino from Quality Time 2014
Not in foal for 2015
Sambuca from Singular LS la Silla 2016
Galafina from Galayo la Silla 2017

For 2018 in foal from Plot Blue


St.Pr. Pleasure 31.05.2011

Von Plot Blue-Graf Top-For Pleasure (a.d.Grafina)

Hannoverian jumping programm

Vinotage from Kannan 2015

from Kannan 2016

For 2017 not in foal - sport
For 2018 not in foal - sport


St.Pr.A. Cocofina 07.05.2013

Von Carrico-Chacco Blue-Graf Top (a.d.Chaccofina)

Hannoverian jumping programm

2017 dead foal from Plot Blue

For 2018 not in foal - sport with our daughter Rike


Lady Calmia 24.04.2010

By Landstreicher-Calypso II-Picard (out of state premium mare Calmia)

Hannoverian jumping programm

Big Balou from Chaman 2014
Bella Calmia from Chaman for 2015
Touch of Twilight from Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve 2016
Granate from Galayo la Silla 2017

For 2018 in foal from Maolubet de Pleville


St.Pr.A.Viva Nobless 27.04.2010

By Vulkano FRH-Contender-Lancer II (out of BP Nobless)

Hannoverian jumping programm

Asti's Nobless from Asti Spumante 2014
Belle Nobless from Bonaparte AA 2015
First Nobleman from Firth of Lorne 2016
Million Blue from Million Dollar 2017

For 2018 in foal from Casall


St.Pr.A. Asti's Nobless 22.04.2014

By Asti Spumante-Vulkano FRH-Contender-Lancer II (out of Viva Nobless)

Hannoverian jumping programm

For 2018 in foal from Zinedine


For Georgia 05.05.2004

By For Pleasure-Grannus-Inshallah x- Shagya XXXIX

Hannoverian jumping programm

will bei inseminated first time at our stable in 2018


Former broodmares

Staronni 01.05.2010

By Stakkato-Ramiro-Wendekreis (out of state premium mare Ronja)

Donja from Diarado 2015

Candy for Cash from Cash and Carry 2016

Colt from Orlando 2017


St.Pr. Farina 09.05.1995

By For Pleasure-Calypso II-Pilot-Plutos

Hannoverian jumping programm

colt from Eurocommerce Berlin 2010, died with 3 days

Cantofino from Canturano 2011

resorbed from Nerrado for 2012

in foal from Quality Time for 2013


St.Pr. Grafina 03.04.2005

By Graf Top-For Pleasure-Calypso II (a.d.Farina)

Hannoverian jumping programm

Carafina from Cardento 2010

Pleasure from Plot Blue 2011

not in foal for 2012

in foal from Plot Blue for 2013


BP Nobless 20.03.1998

By Contender-Lancer II-Sherrynetherland xx

Hannoverian jumping programm

Viva Nobless from Vulkano 2010

Little Foot from Lordanos 2011

Viviana Nobile from Vulkano 2012


St.Pr.A Ramira 04.03.1988

By Ramiro-Pik Bube I-Moltke I

Hannoverian jumping programm

Magiro from Mighty Magic 2010

not in foal for 2011

Promi Girl by Prominenz 2012


St.Pr. Calmia 22.02.1989

By Calypso II-Picard-Gotthard

Hannoverian jumping programm

Contimo 2008 by Comte

Lazaro 2009 by Landstreicher

Lady Calmia 2010 by Landstreicher


St.Pr. Ronja 15.04.1992

By Ramiro-Wendekreis-Gotthard

Hannoverian jumping programm

Embryotransfer since 2008

Staronni from Stakkato 2010


St.Pr. Larimar 05.04.1994

By Langata Express xx-Pik Bube I-Moltke I

Hannoverian jumping programm

Arktico from Argentinus 2008

not in foal for 2009

Attacke from Amalgan 2010

not inseminated in 2011


Contess 22.02.2001

By Contender-Pilot-Captain-Foxtrott


colt by Stakkato in 2010


St.Pr. Galoupee 18.03.1994

By Grosso Z-Argentan-Washington

Hannoverian jumping programm

San Galou 2008 by Sandro Boy

Für 2009 dad twins


Carlotta 16.05.2007

By Cassus-Calypso II-Picard

Hannoverian jumping programm

Quassus 2011 by Q-Verdi


Wiana 07.04.2003

By Westernhagen-Cheenook-Dürkheim

Quiana 2007 von Quaterback


Chiana 06.04.1996

By Cheenook-Dürkheim-Waidmannsdank xx

Hannoverian jumping programm

colt 2000 by Landclassic

colt 2002 by Charon

Wiana von Westernhagen 2003

colt 2004 by Silvio


Acaryna 25.05.1999

By Acorado-Chasseur-Argentan

Hannoverian jumping programm

Contessa 140 by Conteur 2003
very successfull till S**

colt 2004 by Lanciano


Chalina 01.05.1993

By Chasseur-Argentan-Woermann

colt 1997 by Graf Grannus

colt 1998 by Sunset Boulevard xx

Laranja 22.05.1997

By Laptop-Pik König-Soeldner-Weiler

Hannoverian jumping programm

colt 2002 von Contendro

Bellamie 08.05.1973

By Black Sky xx-Orbis xx-Axtfeld

colt 1992 by Dynamo

colt 1994 by Cheenook

Szeria 21.02.1985

By Salem-Dynamo-Widerhall

Hannoverian jumping programm

Simsalabim by Star Regent xx 1992
successful with Marina Krönke in cross country(young horses)

colt 1994 by Chasseur

Ritano von Ramiros Bube 1996
very succesful till S classes, he won over 10.000 Euro