Good news from the yearbook of breeding and sport. The now 7 year old Comtessa by Conteur-Acorado-Chasseur was now already successful in S classes and is listened under the top 1800 jumping horses in germany. Out of the motherlines of our breeding mares are also interesting offspring.


We wish all friends, breedern and friends of horses merry christmas and much luck in breeding in the new year!

We thank you for your trust in us and hope for your interest in our breeding the next years!


We are very sorry, that we have to break up with two mares because of reasons of age and illness. So the state premium mares Larimar and Calmia are not longer in our breeding collection. So we are very happy to have the two fillies from them for the future breeding.


Magiro is travelling soon!

Today Magiro went into quarantine and wait for his flight to South Africa on 15 th of October. We are very happy, that our long lasting customer and friend liked him so much, that he will travel togehter with her other foal. We which her very much luck and success with that great colt!

elite foal auction in Verden

Big success for the motherline of the breeder Friedrich-Wilhelm Maack from Glückstadt. The most expensive foal and the most expensive broodmare came out of this line. Our two mare Ramira and Larimar belongs to this motherline.


More Pleasure sold to Sweden! Today we became the first picture from her new owners. We wish them much luck with that young lady.


Good news from the international market!!

The now 9 year old daughter from our Calypso II mare "Calmia" is already international successful. So you can read in the newest "Hannoveraner". She belongs a women in France and her name is "Scila Hoy"


Foal show in Großenwörden

Carafina competed with the dressage foals and qualified for the end-round. You find the pictures under Carafina.


The last foal is born and the only colt this year. Magiro by Mighty Magic out of the 22 year old mare Ramira.



We are very happy to present this filly out of embryo-transfer from the mare Ronja. So we solved that interesting bloodlines for breeding! Today we picked her up to our stable



The year of the fillies! It is great, also Larimar give birth to a very big filly. We are very happy and hope, that she will grow up healthy.



Again a filly! She has the same grey colour like her father Cardento. We are very proud of her.


Viva Noblesse

Another filly! The father Vulkano has won last year the Grand Prix in Wiesbaden and the father of the mother Noblesse is one of the best stallions Contender.


Lady Calmia

We are very happy, our 21 year old mare Calmia give birth to a great filly sired by Landstreicher! So we have the chance to keep that motherline in our breeding!


Photos of the fullsister of our mare Calmia, who was succeful till S level in sport with an amateur


Bad start in the foalseason, the foal from Eurocommerce Berlin was born three weeks to early. Two and a half days we tried to keep the little colt alive, but we lost the fight and are very sad.


Born in Sweden!!
This colt sired by Stakkato-Contender-Pilot was born on 8th of february. We sold the mother in November and congratulate the new owners to that great boy :-)

More winter and much snow! The mares are happy to be in the fields.


winter in north germany, just a few impressions!

We wish all friends and customers a good start into the new year and much success in their stables!
Thank you for the confidence in our horses

Every end of year the breeders are intent on the yearbook of breeding and sport to look for the horses, which was breed in their stables and successful horses out of the motherlines. This year we are proud of the only now 6 year old Contessa by Conteur-Acorado-Chasseur, who has won M clases in jumping and has a winning amount from over 1.000 Euro

We are very happy, that the Stakkato son Salito has a great breeding breed value and is on top 2 of all stallions in Germany! That is a great success. He is the half brother of our youngster Ancelina.

We have sold our mare Contess in foal to Stakkato to customers from Sweden, where the mother and the licensed half brother are already at home. We wish them a very good fool and much luck with this great mare.