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We wish all friends a happy new year and many luck and sucess with the horses in the new year!

We are looking forward to our expected foals in 2016:

Cash and Carry x Stakkato-Ramiro-Wendekreis
Singular LS la Silla x Cardento-Graf Top-For Pleasure
Calmando x Chacco Blue-Graf Top-For Pleasure
Tangelo van de ZuuthovexLandstreicher-Calypso II-Picard
Firth of Lorne x Vulkano FRH-Contender-Lancer II
Kannan x Plot Blue-Graf Top-For Pleasure


Also positive news from My Pleasure by Montender out of Farina by For Pleasure-Calypso II. In the meanwhile she has won after giving birth to one foal 1,25 m jumping competition. A new video you find on her page



Cleman by Comte out of Calmia by Calypso II-Picard-Gotthard (motherline Cicero Z) today gets his first placement at the tournament in Salzburg. In the final of the Youth Tour he was great sixth in 1,40 m competition!


News from some of our former foals. That is for a breeder very important to hear about the development of them! More Pleasure by Montender out of Farina by For Pleasure-CalypsoII is in in her new home in Schweden now successful in jumpiong competition for young horses,after she gave birth to one foal. Her halfbrother Cantofino by Canturano now 4 year old is trained in Switzerland careful for his former career. And Big Balou by Chaman out of Lady Calmia by Landstreicher-Calypso II-Picard made after the season in the fields now his first free jumping. We are very curious about their development

....more on the pages of each horse


Cleman by Comte out of Calmia by Calypso II-Picard-Gotthard (motherline from Cicero Z),
halfbrother of our mare Lady Calmia by Landstreicher competed with Simon Widmann in his first M* a nd S*classes in Ising. Straightaway he was placed in M* on 9th place and ends in the S* class with only 8,25 points. Great performance for this only 7 year old Youngster, who started all the season only in L classes .


Cicero Z by Cathago-Randel Z out of the direct motherline of our Lady Calmia by Landstreicher-Calypso II is listed on the 83th place in the WBFSH worl breeding sire ranking! That is a big sucess for the only 15 year old stallion, who himself was international sucessful with his rider Dirk Demersmann!


Vinotage by Kannan-Plot Blue-Graf Top-For PLeasure today went to his new stable in Nordrhein-Westfalen. We wish the buyer a great career of this interesting foal!


State premium mare Chaccofina by Chacco Blue-Graf Top-For Pleausure. At her first L competition she placed on 7th place!


End of mating period. All six mares are pregnand for 2016. We are very interested in the new foal age-group.

You can see more under matings


Vinotage by Kannan-Plot Blue was sold yesterday in Verden at the auction for riding horses and foals for 8.000 EUR to customers from Nordrhein-Westfalen. With that price he had the third best price for the jumping foals. As he remains in Germany, we hope to hear a lot of him in the next years and wish the buyer much luck with that athletic colt!.

Contessa is back in sport!

After a long inured period Contessa by Conteur-Acorado-Chasseur-Argentan is back in sport. She was placed several times in S* competitions and has won M** level this year.


03.07. + 10.07.2015

First competitions for our state premium mare Chaccofina by Chacco Blue-Graf Top-For Pleausure. At her first competition she placed on 8th place, at the second she was placed on 4th place with 8,1 !

We are very happy, that she shows such a capacity after such a short time of training after her two foals.



Mare show in Großenwörden

Our two year old mare Cocofina by Carrico-Chacco Blue-Graf Top-For Pleasure was awarded with the I a price and placed on 3rd place after two dressage mares. She is full in development, but showed her good movements.



Foal show in Großenwörden

Our Belle Nobless was qualified for the premium ring. A great success for a half thoroughbred foal.



Filly number three has arrived! She is sired by Chaman out of Lady Calmia by Landstreicher-Calypso II-Picard-Gotthard.

The fullbrother was sold to a big stallion station and competition stable last year.

So we will keep her for our breeding - Bella Calmia


The third foal arrived!

A half thoroughbred filly from Bonaparte AA out of our Vulkano-Contender-Lancer II state premium mare Viva Nobless.

Welcome Belle Nobless ;-)


The youngsters Cocofina by Carrico-Chacco Blue-Graf Top-For Pleasure and Asti's Nobless by Asti Spumante-Vulkano-Contender go out in the fields for the summer.

The will enjoy!


Colt by Kannan out of our state premium mare Pleasure by Plot Blue-Graf Top-For Pleasure!
Vinotage combines international bloodlines with correctness and type!


The first foal arrived! And we are very happy, that we get a filly by Diardo out of Staronni by Stakkato-Ramiro. So we keep her for continue in breeding with this valuable motherline.

Here you can read more about "Donja"

Loopina by Lord Pezi-Quidam de Revel-Calypso II out of the motherline our state premium mare Farina by For Pleasure-Calypso II in the catalogue of the spring auction in Verden on 28 th of march!
She is already placed in M* competition.

Catalogue no. 9
Here you find the video:

We are looking forward in the price of her!


Only nearly one month left, then starts the foal season in our stable, too. First will be Diarado out of Staronni by Stakkato-Ramiro-Wendekreis-Gotthard. We are looking forward tot this event!


News from Plot Pleasure by Plot Blue-Graf Top-For Pleasure, now two years old and first time free jumping. He is full brother to our state premium mare Pleasure in foal to Kannan for beginning of April.


Chaccofina is going to her new challenge is now trained for her first competitions in 2015


We wish all friends and customers a happy new year and all the best with the horses!


We wish all customers a merry christmas and a few quiet hours in the family!

We hope, that we have a good cooperation in 2015 again.

Today was the final day of the 70 day stallion performance test in Schlieckau. "Our" Stacopi by Stakkato-Contender-Pilot made a good test with 130 points for jumping. Congratulations to the owners Michael and Peter from Sweden. We are very interested in his futur sport career.



The only filly from this year Asti's Nobless by Asti Spumante-Vulkano FRH-Contender reamins in our stable for further breeding prospect. We want to kept the valuable Argentinus blood for our breeding and hope for a good development.