Calinca v. Calido 01.01.2002

Calinca is the 4th foal out of our parent mare Farina. Calinca herself was successful with a junior rider in jumping competitions from A-M* (1,30 m) with more then 100 placements.

The best placement was the 3rd place in M* and a 4th place in 1,30 m international in 2013 in Hannover.

Her half sister state premium mare Grafina by Graf Top got in her mare performance test the 9 for the style and the 9,5 for the scope.

The first daughter of state premium mare Farina, Cairo by Contender was qualified for the Bundechampionat, after giving birth to a colt by C-Indoctro. This colt, the grandchild of Farina, was licensed two years later in Oldenburg and under the name Inspector he was at the stallion station Böckmann, before he was later on international succesful in Irland till 1,50 m . Now he is breeding stallion in brasil.

The mare "Centora" , also a daughter of Farina, was successful at the stable of Werner Muff/Switzerland till 1,45 m. She was sold to Spain and is successful there till 1,50 m.

Another grandchild of Farina by Escudo I (Black Jack/David Will) out of Donna by Drosselklang II, who herself won 1,20 m class in France, was international successful till
1,60 m and has won one Grand Prix in Wellington/USA.

Calinca has the great sires Cantus, Ramzes, Grannus, Gotthard, For Pleasure, Calypso II und Pilot direkt in den vorderen Generationen in the first generations in her pedigree.

Calinca Calido Cantus Caletto I Corde la Bryere
Monoline Roman
Baroness Coriander Coriolan
Kollet Roman
St.Pr.Farina For Pleasure Furioso II Furioso xx
Dame de Ranville A.N.
Gigantin Grannus
Cleopatra Calypso II Corde la Breyere
Panama Pilot

Successful horses out of this motherline

Black Jack/David Will intern. 1,60 m successful
C-Inspector/licensed and 1,50 m successful
Centora/Werner Muff intern.1,45 m successful


-Cocofina *2013 by Carrico-Chacco Blue-Graf Top-For Pleasure 2019 M** (1,35 m )
- Pleasure *2011 by Plot Blue-Graf Top-For Pleasure 2019 1,40m

2021 Djumper Douglas VDL

30. Januar 2021 - fun in the sun and snow!

09th of december 2020

5th of december 2020

15th of november 2020 - now at home in Groß Sterneberg

Calinca 31th of August 2020

Sudermühlen 2019 - Calinca and Jörn

Calinca and Rike competition 2018

Calinca and Rike 2018 in Mittelsdorf

With her former rider at competition