Carafina v. Cardento 30.04.2010

Carafina is the second filly out of St.Pr.mare Grafina She got the grey colour from her father Cardento, who was international successful with Peter Ericson in several Grand Prix and represented the land Sweden in championchips.

The Graf Top daughter Grafina got at her mare test a 9 for style and a 9,5 for fortune.

This mare has the great sires Capitol, Lord, Grannus, Gotthard, For Pleasure, Calypso II und Pilot direct in the first generations in her pedigree.

06 th of March Carafina made the 5 th place in free jumping competition in Verden.

Carafina made a very good mare performance test on 10 th of April as well. She got two times the 9,5 for jumping and was the best mare in jumping in this competition. For ridebility she got the 7,5 and 8 and for the movements 7.

At the mare show in Großenwörden on 05 th of July 2013 Carafina got Ia and state premium award and was member of the Elite- and Winning family

On 07 th of August awarded with the Id price with the mare family and in her individual class with the If price at the Herwart von der Decken Show in Verden

Carafina Cardento Capitol I Capitano Corporal
Folia Maximus
B-Estelle Lord Ladykiller xx
Restelle Sacramento Song xx
St.Pr.Grafina Graf Top Graf Grannus Grannus
Capriese Calypso II
St.Pr.Farina For Pleasure Furioso II
Cleopatra Calypso II

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Herwart von der Decken Show in Verden 07 th of August 2013
Awarded with the Id price with the family

Mare show in Großenwörden 05 th of July 2013
Ia and state premium award and member of the Elite- and Winning family

After the mare performance test on 10th of April

Free jumping competition in Verden 06.03.2013
Carafina was placed on 5th place in her very good class
For fortune she got the mark 8.8, for the style the 8,2
and for the overall impression the 8,0.

Video free jumping competition Verden

20th of February 2013
After 5 weeks training

mare show in Himmelporten 29.06.2012

July 2012

First day in the fields 01. Mai 2012

Nearly 2 years old, mid of march 2012

One year old, June 2011

End of August 2010

foal show 05. Juni 2010

3 weeks old

with two weeks

5 days old

The first day