Viva Noblesse 27.04.2010 Holsteiner Stamm 4294

A filly with great pedigree, with several international well known sires as Voltaire, Gotthard, Furioso II, Pilot, Grannus, Argentinus, Contender and Landgraf I in row. She is quite nobel and is really big. We decided to keep her also, so that we have a offspring for our breeding out of that great mare Noblesse, who made in Holstein a fantastic performance test and came out of a very interesting motherline.

From the Holstein line 4294 come a.o. the show-jumpers Duck’s Cash (by Cash)/Klaus Otte-Wiese, Nikita (by Cash)/Tobias Meyer or Rene Tebbel, Clintash (by Clinton I)/Michael Symmangk, Opera (by Caribik)/Holger Wenz or Ina-Marie Hau, Whitny (by Hemmingway)/Jessica Vonach/AUT, Diacalanda (by Diamant de Semilly)/Tim Hoster, Quite Easy (by Quite Capitol)/Jens Baackmann, L.B. Cormint (by Calido I)/Robin Schneider/FRA or Christina Liebherr/SUI, Chuck (by Carthago)/Timo Beck, Campari (by Caletto II)/Carsten-Otto Nagel, Seal (v. Satisfaction I)/Klaus Otte-Wiese, Abc Lafit (v. Landgraf I)/Toni Haßmann, Chiara (by Capitol I)/Bjoern Nagel, For Jump (by For Plaesure)/Theresa Krapf, Falke (by Falkner)/Gerd Wiltfang, Cortina (by Contender)/Michael Duffy/IRL, Abc Opium (by Cadillac)/Carlo Codecasa/ITA, Kleons Quicksilver (by Quinar)/Theresa Widauer/AUT and Kleons Cayenne (by Cornet Obolensky)/Jessica Kuerten/IRL as well as the licensed stalliona Cathalido (by Calido I), Cormint (by Calido I), Atlas Bavaria (by Ahorn Z), Lanchello (by Landgraf I), Losander (by Lord), Lancelot (by Lancer II) and Dilan Dog Della Caccia (sport: Oak Grove’s Dr. J; by Diamant de Semilly)/Harm Lahde.

On the 8th of may Viva Noblesse made her performance test with the result definite double assessed. For the movement she got 7,83, for the ridebility 8 and for jumping 8,5

At the mare show in Großenwörden on 05th of July Viva Nobless get the state premium award.
Vulkano Voltaire Furioso II Furioso xx
Dame de Ranville
Gogo Möwe Gotthard
Pretoria Pit I Pilot
Granada Grannus
BP Nobless Contender Calypso II Cordelabreyere
Gofine Ramiro
Fantasie V Lancer II Landgraf I
Katharine Sherrynetherland xx

Breeding programme for show jumpers

Sucessful horses out of this motherline

Herald von Heraldik xx/Markus Beerbaum, Champion 61 /Ove Asmussen, ABC Carducci/Daniel Deußer

up to date:

-Anyway by Clearway out of Nobless by Contender *2008 1,15 m sucessful
-Leading Leo by Lordanos out of Nobless by Contender *2011 1,10 for young horses
-L.B.Convall by Colman-Cascavelle-Sacramento Song xx-Galapeter II and Philipp Weiphaupt, Champion of the Grand Prix in Aachen 2016 !!
Convalls grandmother Mamba successfully competed in medium level (M) classes. Her daughter Abc Fantasie (by Capitol I) placed a.o. under Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum in International competitions. The Mamba-daughter Lo Nathe (by Lord), who has placed in medium level (M) show-jumping classes, has also brought, Carlot (by Carthago), who is successful with Rodrigo Pessoa/BRA. From Mamba's daughter Bella-Lena (by Latus II) come the licensed stallion C.I.A. (By Cascavelle) and the internationally placed Quintos (by Quidam de Revel), who competed with Katarina Soderqvist/SWE in the Junior European Championship. In third generation there is Sacramento Song xx, one of the most influential thoroughbreds in the warmblood breed. His direct offspring are Societe Joter/Rodrigo Pessoa/BRA, Mary/Carsten-Otto Nagel and Sandro/Franke Sloothaak. The great-grandmother Urwelt has also brought the mare Hanka (by Little Lion xx). This is the mother of the licensed stallion Capan (by Capitol I) and of the advanced level (S)-successful Charlottenhof's Elastic Dream (by Lord) Eva Bitter, which in turn brought the licensed and advanced level (S)-placed stallion Larimar (by Lavall II)/Thomas Voss.

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Viva Nobless on her shooting date on 27 th of August 2013

5 th of July
mare show in Großenwörden - Ia and state premium award

After the mare performance test
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