Galoupee Grosso Z Goliath II Z Graf Gotthard Gotthard
Heureka Z Ganeff
Fuechsin Furioso II Furioso xx
Dame de Ranville
Lissabon Lugano I
Anke Argentan Absatz Abglanz
Worms Wohlan
Wapita Washington Wendekreis
Winny Wedekind

Breeding programme for show jumpers

This Grosso Z state premium daughter was awarded in Hannover as one of the most successfuls mares of this age group because of the brilliant results in her performance test. She is a multi talent with very good character and temperament. She comes out of a very old mare family in Hannover, which was already successful at supra regional mare shows in the 20th of the last century. Her great grandmother St.Pr. Stute Winny was successful at the federal mare show. Expensive auction horses and the licensed stallion Don Jose, state stud Celle come out of this motherline. Grosso Z hat gave his multi talent to his offsprings.

Grosso Z is father of several foal-champions, top level auction horses and -foals, successful particepants of the Bundeschampionat, several state premium mares and 14 licensed stallions (u.a Gullit, Goethe, Zorro Z, Goldfever, Griseldi). While Goldfever/Ludger Beerbaum and Griseldi/Ulrich Kirchhoff are successful in international jumping classes, is Zorro Z successful in international dressage classes under a spanish rider. For years Grosso Z range with very high and very good comfirmed breeding values in in the first row in his age group (FN- estimation of breeding values).

With the father of the mother Argentan the universalism is rounded down. He too made both international jumping horses (Aramis/Weltcupsieger Springen) and international dressage horses as well. 1994 Argentan was selected to the best Hannoveranian stallion of the year. He is a prime example for longevity and hardness.

His blood will be spread further on with his son Argentinus, who himself was Hannoveranian stallion of the year 2005 and produced top level jumpers in row.

With the son of Wendekreis "Washington" and "Wedekind" the pedigree is round up on a hannoverian basic.


St.Pr. Stute Winni
Won one class at mare show in Himmelpforten
I a Ratje-Niebuhr Show 1979 in Verden
I g at the German mare show

2000 Grianterra Grannus Ass
2002 Cooper Contendro
2003 Congrosso Contendro
Van the Man
2008 San Galou Sandro Boy