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Breeding programme for show jumpers

Ramiros Bube

Ramiros Bube

Larimar's offsprings are successful in sport and breeding. Her daughter Alegria (1998)by A Jungle Prince has made a great performance test and was awarded with the state premium and has had two expensive auction foals in Verden. Her colt from 2003 by "Contendro" was selected for the stallion market 2005 and was nearly the most expensive not licensed stallion with "EUR 35.000,-" and was sold to a good jumping stable in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Larimar made her performance test with outstanding marks in Verden. Assessed with the "dream-mark" *9.0* in temperament, character, canter and ridebility she achieved the total result 8,24. 1998 Larimar was selected for the jumping breeding programm in Hannover.

She comes out of a very famous motherline, which came primal from Schleswig Holstein, but which is also assessed in Hannover. Larimar is the half sister of the Grand Prix winner and licensed stallion Ramiros Bube.

Her mother Pik Dame is also mother of Ramiro's Dame, winner in M jumping competition, Piccadilly, successful sport horse and of the licensed stallion Ramiro's Boy, both fullbrother of Ramiro's Bube.

Her grandmother Juwel is one of the best breeding mares in Germany. With Pik Bube I and Ramiro she brought several till S level successful dressage and jumping horses with an total winning amount from over 40.000 Euro only in Germany, for example Delta's Bubka, who has won S jumping competition or Pik Bubes Son with success in international jumping competition and Piedras, very successful in dressage on S level. Juwel is also mother of the two licensed stallions Ramiro's Son I, succesful in jumping competition till class S, and Ramiro's Son II, also from Pik Bubes Girl, winner of the federeal mare show in Verden 1990 and from Moonlight, winner in S jumping competition.

Ramiros Son II

Her son Ron Ramiro (2000) is a big and a very good mover sired by "Ramiro's Son II". He has a very good ridebility and wants to learn. His way goes over the world championchips of young horses in Verden till S level in dressage now and he has won M level last year.

Pik Dame

Pik Bubes Girl

News 2007

At the European Championchips for young riders in Nussloch the Hohenstein/Langata Express xx (Langatas Dame) son Hohenstaufen, who is bread out of the fullsister of Larimar, was with the 19 year old Christin Schütte European Champion in the individual score. With the German team the white stallion from the spring auction in Verden 2002 won the silber medal. On top he got the Bronze medal in the freestyle.

Also Ramila by Ramiro's Son II/Langata Express xx (Langatas Dame), who was sold as one of the oldest horses over the Elite auction in Verden in April 2006, caused quite a stir.Only one year after her disposal the 11 year old mare was found in international jumping competition. With Emily George she was in Calgary in the jump-off over 1,50 placed on 4 th place.


1998 Alegria, mare A Jungle Prince
1999 death foal
2000 Ron Ramiro, Hengst Ramiros Son II
2001 colt Ramiros Son II
2002 not inseminated
2003 colt Contendro
2004 colt Caprimond
2005 not pregnant
(inseminated Don Marcello)
2006 Hero Hochadel
2007 resorbed (Fidertanz)
2008 colt Argentinus pictures
2009 not in foal (Cassini II)
2010 filly Amalgan